Political Survey


We work as your political strategists often behind the scenes, with you or your candidates who are running for political office. With focus on particular aspects of pre-election preparations campaigning like Knowing the mood of people, conduct political survey, handling social media of the organization or the candidate. We help in shaping the narrative delivered by candidates and impact of the same among public.

Why Survey?

Candidate & Party:

  • Assess wining probability
  • Strengths and weakness
  • Identify booth wise Impact
  • Analysis of opposite candidates & parties
  • Accessibility of your candidate to public
  • Public feedback on the work executed

Public Views:

  • Trends in the current ruling party
  • Current Corporator/MLA/MP
  • Views of people on Local, State and Central government
  • Existing problems of the area
  • General consequences of the public
  • Are public open for change in Corporator/MLA/MP

Our Solution:

  • Mobile & Cloud
  • Access anywhere anytime
  • All queries and answers are configurable in bilingual language
  • GPS Enabled survey
  • Two-Step Authentication for login
  • Role-based Logins
  • Fields are encrypted at the database level
  • No Data Pilferage

Final Outcome

  • Detailed analysis of the results
  • Public opinions received during the survey will be discussed
  • Strong strategy will be devised/suggested on the way forward
  • Will analyse the need for course correction as and when needed
  • Will inform areas that needs to be concentrated
  • Weak areas will be assessed and if needed, how to go forward will be suggested
  • What sectors need to be targeted in the future will be discussed
  • Party workers will get a detailed insight into areas of improvement

Other Services

  • Social media handling of candidates/ parties/ individuals /organizations. Content-based marketing & branding:
  • Social media includes Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Other common platforms
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