Temple Record Digitization



India is known across the globe for its rich heritage, tradition, and temples. Most of these temples were built hundreds of years ago by kings and rulers. They also had gifted a lot of lands and wealth to the temple Over a period of time, most of them have been lost or illegally occupied

Arkisol Solution:

  • We visit the temples record the assets, and precious metals, and identify any illegal occupations missing assets, etc.
  • This in turn helps the government and temple authority to claim back any lost property
  • It will also ensure that no further pilferage of assets
  • All these records will be maintained securely in our cloud solution and transferred back to the authorities when required


  • Claim back any lost property through land grabbing/illegal occupation
  • Identify & report any missing valuables
  • Our expert panel will suggest on new avenues for revenues
  • Online presence for all the temples
  • Revenues will increase as we can enable temples to receive online payments
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